Project Description

Client:   Awesome Company
Location:   Mountain View CA 94043
Surface Area: 450,000 m2
Year Completed:   2014
Value: $250.000
Architect:   Jason & Perry

The Langham Hotel located in Mountain View is one of the most CA’s largest hotel  with over 450,000 square feet of new construction. Complete interior renovation included removing walls, new restrooms, paint, wall coverings, tile and carpeting.

Where we live and work has an effect onour lives, and this is even more important to help give our children the best start in life, not just in terms of mental health but also academic improvement. Incorporating good classroom and school design through school renovation has multiple benefits. When planning to renovate an school area for students , you might also want to see here some on sale School Canopies near me.

Good school interior design is the key factor in academic improvement and in improving the overall wellbeing of pupils as well as helping to attract and retain the best staff and teachers for your school. Ultimately saving you money in recruitment and improving pupils academic performance and general happiness. Influencing parent and student perception. Good improved design will of course positively influence parents’ perception and satisfaction with your school and help your school move up league tables and attract good pupils as well. Primary and play school room design. Salford University’s report goes on to say that “surprisingly, whole-school factors (eg size, navigation routes, specialist facilities, play facilities) do not seem to be anywhere near as important as the design of the individual classrooms. If you family is close to graduation, see here the custom bobbleheads which can work as a gift.

Probably the most fun and positive thing you can do, is to encourage your students and teachers to get involved in the school interior design and school refurbishment process which will enhance ownership and support what you are doing. It will be a learning experience as well. A good design team will guide you through this and make the whole school and classroom renovation a positive experience all round.