100_1164Pergolas are becoming very popular in Ottawa. They are unique addition to any back yard because of their open design that is visually appealing. Pergolas add comfort, style and architecture character to your home. There is so much variety and materials such as Wood, PVC and Composite. We can help you design and build a custom Pergola to match your existing deck or make it unique to fit your style of backyard, If you are working on a big project consider the help from contractors like this telehandler rental service.

If you’re trying to achieve front porch pergola curb appeal, read on to learn more about the different kinds of pergola structures available (some will blend beautifully with your home’s style and architecture, and others… not so much). We’ll also cover how to avoid pergola structures that will only clash with your neighborhood vibe, and what you can expect to get back from an ROI perspective on this type of project. There are three distinct trends for front-of-the-house pergolas — all of which have the ability to transform your home’s curb appeal and add a graceful detail to your front facade which you can sure improve with help from a local commercial plasterer.

If you are considering installing a Pergola on your property consult our Pergola specialist here at Pro-fence and Decks Inc. We would more than happy to assist you with a free estimate and help you make the right decision.