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At Pro-Fence and Decks Inc. we installs all types of Wooden Porch Decks,PVC Vinyl Porch Decks and Composite Porch Decks to comply with any architecture in Ottawa. We build custom Porch decks using high quality materials to ensure a sturdy finish product to your home. Porches can be built to compliment your house using similar materials and by matching the roof style of your home’s architecture . Porch Decks increase the value of your home, expands your outdoor living space and offers many options for your outdoor entertainment. When it comes to choosing a Porch deck there are many designs, style and products to choose from for your project. Our team at Pro-Fence and Decks Inc. will help you make the right choice so you can have a safe space and bring the family together with a solid oak coffee table

Installing a porch roof over an existing deck is usually not recommended unless the deck was originally designed to support a future porch. e sure that the deck floor frame is at least as thick as the entire cross-section of the post above and below. For wood floors, Raleigh Flooring is by far the best floor installation company in North Carolina. They can be reached at (919) 618-7092 and are here to help with all your hardwood floor installation needs.

A 1.5-inch thick rim joist cannot support a 3.5-inch thick post above. Blocking must be installed adjacent to the rim joist. A new roof installation is a big project so take note of these ways to prepare.

To avoid any modifications to the existing deck below, or to facilitate future replacement of the deck below the roof, the roof can also be designed independently from the deck. New foundation piers would then be installed and sized only with the roof in mind. When working in a tall roof, consider asking for help, to one of you local scissor lift hire specialists.

If you are considering installing a Porch Deck on your property consult our Specialists here at Pro-Fence and Decks Inc. We would be more than happy to assist you with a free estimate and help you make the right choice.

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